Xcel Energy's Energy Efficiency Standard Offer Programs

2015 Residential and Hard-to-Reach




The kickoff meeting for 2016 will be on January, 19th



 The Start Time is 1PM at the

Xcel Amarillo Training Center 

located at 7801 I-40 East, in Amarillo.


 Beginning in 2001, Xcel Energy began to roll out a comprehensive set of energy efficiency programs in the Texas portion of its distribution service territory. These programs offer incentives for the installation of a wide range of energy efficiency measures. These program offerings have been designed to help Xcel Energy achieve its energy efficiency goal.

 In 2016, Xcel Energy is offering targeted energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial customers in its Texas distribution service territory. By offering a comprehensive set of programs, Xcel Energy will ensure that customers in all customer classes have access to energy efficiency services.

Xcel Energy's 2015 Standard Offer Programs are closed as of the following schedule. The Residential / Hard-to-Reach program manual and other documents are available at: www.XcelEfficiency.com.


The Residential and Hard-to-Reach workshop is required for ALL project sponsors participating in the 2016 programs. 





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